What is a Critical Incident?

A critical incident is an incident with the potential to overwhelm an individual’s usual ability to cope.
From a person-centred point of view, it is the subjective reaction that determines the impact and not the event itself; how individuals label, assign meanings to, or are disrupted physically and psychologically by an event will contribute to whether it is experienced as a ‘critical’.

Examples of critical incidents that could be experienced in an operational environment include, but are not limited to:

Multiple/mass fatality
Death of a colleague
Death of a child
Failed rescue operation
Violent crime
Terror attack/PLATO responses
Involvement in a series of potentially critical incidents over a short period of time
Incidents which have a personal connection (e.g. victim known)
A murder scene, suicide or witnessing of a violent crime
Incidents involving operational difficulties (e.g. flashover, firearms/ near misses or contamination, handling a survival call)
Incidents which have heightened media attention or public response
Failed resuscitation/s
Incidents involving people suffering from abuse and/or neglect

Example of critical incidents that may be experienced in a non-operational environment include, but are not limited to:

Sudden bereavement
Divorce/relationship closure
Serious breach of trust
Personal injury
Road traffic collision
Childhood sexual exploitation
Natural disaster
Hostage situations
Near miss/close calls
Domestic violence
Significant business failure/financial loss

CrISIS facilitates continued organisational performance throughout and beyond incidents that would otherwise threaten the mental health of your people and thus, business continuity.

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