We provide cutting edge interventions to help people achieve genuine and lasting recovery from Trauma, Anxiety & Depression…

Together, we look at what happened to you, not what’s wrong with you…

Our service is entirely non-judgemental and in that way we differ radically from normative therapists, counsellors or psychiatrists  – we do not attempt to label nor diagnose clients, nor do we attempt to analyse or interpret what you do or don’t tell us. We do not believe in judging a persons actions, inactions, thoughts or concerns, and we don’t pretend t be the authority on your experience.

We don’t teach ‘coping strategies’ or tell people to ‘manage’ their symptoms – it’s our belief that if the root cause of your trauma is dealt with, then there shouldn’t be anything to cope with – right?

Our unique approach to psychological trauma is based upon how you interpret your own experience and concerns, and in that way, we are able to support people across a broad range of life experience or Critical Incidents, such as:

  • Sudden bereavement
  • Divorce/relationship closure
  • Serious breach of trust
  • Bullying/harassment
  • Personal injury
  • Road traffic collision
  • Violence
  • Childhood sexual exploitation
  • Rape
  • Natural disaster
  • Hostage situations
  • Near miss/close calls
  • Domestic violence
  • Significant business/financial loss

What is a Critical Incident?

Specialist areas of support include: Domestic Violence, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Rape,
Violent Crime & Terror Attack…

Client recovery programmes are developed in partnership – empowering you to address the issues that are of importance to you

From a person-centred point of view, we will always follow your lead and help you look at what it is that you believe to be at the root of your issues – empowering you to achieve recovery from the very outset.

Your recovery programme will be developed with your full participation and agreement, and may be adapted as you unlayer your concerns and attain new insights into your life experiences.

We’ve helped many clients to achieve full recovery when other treatment has failed…

I have attended all manner of incidents, but I recently dealt with an incident that caused me issues. I had constant reminders of it and it started to interfere with my private and work life. I had a vision in my head 24hrs a day that i just couldn’t get rid of. I considered the GP, asking for help, and thought about going off sick. I broke down at work and sought help internally and was directed to Eudemonics. After a quick online questionnaire i was asked to phone and make an appointment. The day arrived and i didn’t know what to expect, but after three hours with my facilitator I no longer feel or suffer the issues I did, and life is back on track. An unexpectedly simple process provided relief for me – Much quicker than a GP visit and then onward referral. I really can’t praise or thank them enough.

Steve – Police Officer

When you need effective support, we are here for you – contact us now…

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