The CRISIS Schema® is a person-centred and culturally responsive system of crisis intervention for helping people through stress and trauma.

When something bad has happened to a colleague it can be difficult to know how best to support them. The moment of disclosure is so important. You need to handle it effectively.

It may have significant implications for them, and of course, your organisation.

The CRISIS Schema® can help.

What is the CRISIS Schema®

The CRISIS Schema® is an effective tool that can help you achieve the best possible outcomes for distressed people.

Using an entirely person-centred approach, CRISIS Schema® facilitator’s are able to create and hold a wonderfully safe space. There’s no judgement, no analysing, and no interpreting of someone’s feelings, emotions or concerns.

It’s just pure and effective support.

Using the CRISIS Schema®, many people are already providing effective crisis intervention in the workplace.


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