Our unique online data collection systems enable us to conduct individual and organisational assessments of psychological well-being.Using only validated assessments, a number of highly-placed organisations have benefited from our screening and monitoring systems, enabling them to make trauma-informed and robust decisions in the following areas:
  • Recruitment
  • Transfer
  • Promotion
  • Post-incident monitoring
  • Occupational health monitoring
  • Return to work
  • Fraud prevention

‘For us, the post-incident screening provided by Eudemonics has been a revolution and we are much more confident that we’re not only doing the right thing, but doing things right.’

Area Manager (Response)

Benefits of psychological screening…

  • Assure employee well-being
  • Ensure suitability for high-risk roles
  • Prevent future financial losses
  • Promote a positive mental health culture
  • Fulfil duty of care
  • Optimise health and safety 
  • maximise team cohesion

‘We were very satisfied with the screening service provided by Eudemonics – it helped us to pinpoint exactly where our most at-risk staff were so that we could target well-being resources efficiently and even high-lighted ways of improving our mental health culture withinin particular commands’

Chief Inspector
Police Service

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