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Eudemonics is all about reaching your full potential, free from the pain of the past, and confusing situations in the present. 

When we’re stuck in a negative place it’s hard to remember that life can have a rewarding, luminous, engaging quality. We’re here to help people improve their mental health, experience personal growth, and realise their true potential.

Life can be uplifting, exciting, and fulfilling!

Award-winning, real-world, experience.

Our people aren’t just trainers, they’ve handled the traumatic aftermath of a number of major critical incidents, including the London Attacks of 2017 and the Grenfell Tower Disaster, for which they were awarded commendations by the London Metropolitan Police Service.

Sean McCallum CTIRt CSc LSRf


Sean McCallum CTIRt CSc LSRf

An operational Watch Manager within the U.K. Fire & Rescue Service, Sean is also a Veteran of the Iraq War of 2003. A specialist in trauma and crisis intervention, Sean developed the ‘CRISIS Schema®’ – an evolutionary model of psychological first aid, now in use by practitioners across 4 of the world’s continents. Sean is also a certified Traumatic Incident Reduction Trainer, teaching psychotherapists, counsellors and practitioners how to effectively help their clients to fully and permanently recover from PTSD. A published author, Sean wrote the much acclaimed ‘The Joy Thief!‘ – a story helping children and adults to understand the nature of childhood trauma.

Sean lives in Nottinghamshire, England.

Paul Meakin MA TIRf


Paul Meakin MA TIRf LSRf CSf

A Firefighter of over 25 years within the U.K. Fire & Rescue Service, Paul holds a Masters in Integrative Counselling. Leading the U.K.’s first Peer Support team trained in the methods of Traumatic Incident Reduction, Paul’s trailblazing work enabled the development of a highly effective resource for handling the traumatic aftermath of major critical incidents.

Paul lives in Derbyshire, England.