An organisational stress audit fulfils a duty of care regarding stress management in the workplace.

There are plenty of benefits for organisations that pro-actively ensure that they’re doing the best they can to achieve a mentally healthy workplace.

Our powerful solutions mean that we’re capable of conducting an effective organisational stress audit within your business, acquiring bespoke data sets that are incisive and meaningful for your organisation, your people, and your culture.

Stress Audit Cycle

Phase 1 – Exploration

We learn about your organisation, its work, its people and its culture.

Phase 2 – Organisation

We work with you to identify your needs, and plan how we may best achieve them.

Phase 3 – Communication

We work hard to communicate with leaders, teams and representative bodies to achieve optimum engagement.

Phase 4 – Implementation

Data collection begins through survey and/or focus groups

Phase 5 – Correlation

Gathered data is analysed along with pre-existing trend data regarding sickness/absence/discipline etc.

Phase 6 – Interpretation

Audit data is used to form a report containing an action plan to address significant trends.

Phase 7 – Initiation

We help you to implement the changes necessary to improve stress within your organisation.

Phase 8 – Evaluation

We check to ensure that the actions implemented are having a positive effect upon well-being, performance and culture.

Phase 9 – Regeneration

The audit process becomes cyclic in order to maintain high standards.

Stress Audits can be immensely powerful tools with which to achieve positive impacts for your organisation and its people. Eudemonics can support you in every step of the process. In doing so, we’ll also tailor each step to your individual needs.

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