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As organisations of all kinds strive for excellence, effectiveness and efficiency, change has become the new normal – In today’s world, stasis represents stagnation. Organisational change can take many forms, and different people may experience change with varying intensities of resistance, stress, and conflict. This Integrating Change training helps people to improve their ability to handle change – reducing stress, and improving wellbeing.

Change is best understood within a person-centred context, enabling people to outgrow natural judgement bias, gaining a much greater understanding of their own reactions, emotions and concerns. With understanding, the intolerable becomes more tolerable, and improving a person’s ability to confront change means improving their ability to handle change.

Designed to support performance, resilience and wellbeing, Integrating Change training is a must for any organisation engaged in a programme of change.

Integrating Change – Key Learning Outcomes

Through interactive study & discussion, delegates will understand:

  • Strategic, structural, systemic, & procedural change
  • Incidental, protracted, & critical change
  • Motivators for change
  • Mental health factors associated with change
  • The Change Continuum™
  • Identities and change
  • The hierarchy of intention
  • Cardinality and havingness
  • Change as loss & gain
  • Desire for & Abhorrence of change
  • Order & disorder
  • Dynamic Integration

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