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The Group CRISIS Schema® training builds on the knowledge and skills acquired through participation in the CRISIS Schema® training.

Developing beyond CRISIS Schema® interventions, this 2-day workshop provides further knowledge and skills focused on working with groups of people following stressful or traumatic incidents by providing ‘CRISIS Decompression’ and ‘CRISIS Briefing’ sessions.

Group CRISIS Schema Training – Day 1

Day 1 of the Group CRISIS Schema® training provides a focus on working with groups following stressful traumatic incidents by providing group ‘CRISIS Decompression’ sessions.

CRISIS Decompression sessions are short, structured meetings conducted shortly after a critical incident (usually between 0-12hrs)

Key areas of development during day 1 of this training

  • Principles of Group CRISIS Schema® sessions
  • Critical incidents within a group context
  • Principles of identity transition and arousal
  • Initiating & planning a CRISIS Decompression’s
  • Conducting a CRISIS Decompression’s
  • Evaluating the need for further support
  • Facilitating ongoing support.

Group CRISIS Schema® Training – Day 2

Day 2 of the workshop provides the knowledge and skills with which to facilitate ‘CRISIS Briefing’ sessions.

The CRISIS briefing provides a deeper, more ‘in depth’ group session when the magnitude or severity of the critical incident represents a greater challenge to wellbeing and resilience. (Usually conducted +72hrs post incident)

Key areas of development during day 2 of this training

  • Assessing the severity and magnitude of critical incident’s
  • Planning and initiating a CRISIS Briefing
  • Managing resources to support a CRISIS Briefing
  • Conducting a CRISIS Briefing
  • Informational and practical needs of CRISIS Briefing attendees
  • Evaluating the need for further support
  • Facilitating ongoing support.

*Delegates must have completed the CRISIS Schema® training prior to registration.

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