Our lived experience of high-threat environments gives us a unique insight into well-being and performance…

Eudemonics was formed by firefighters who, having had their own experience of mental health difficulties, decided that they wanted to help others suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Anxiety and Depression.

Our mission is simple – to empower and inspire people to enjoy happier, more fulfilling lives…

Since our inception, Eudemonics has grown to be a highly experienced, organisation, trusted by individuals and organisations alike.

Our people…

Sean McCallum

Sean is a veteran of the Iraq War of 2003, having served as a combat Infanteer with 20th Armoured Brigade of the British Army.

Now a serving Crew Manager & TIR facilitator within the Fire & Rescue Service, Sean co-led the psychological recovery operations following the London attacks of 2017 and the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Paul Meakin

Paul holds a masters degree in integrative counselling and is an operational fire-fighter.

Paul’s ground-breaking work within the Fire & Rescue service led to the establishment  of a unique and remarkable effective system of peer support using TIR to demonstrate that specially trained firefighters could reduce the levels of clinical PTSD within their colleagues by as much as 50% after one session.

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