For most, a new website wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but for eudemonics, our new branding and website is a statement of intent for our business.

Many organisations of a therapeutic nature choose to represent themselves with pictures of trees, sickeningly happy people, or even worse, picures of people holding their heads in their hands and crying as if in some kind of visible anguish. At eudemonics, we feel such imagery helps to reinforce negative, and often misleading stereotypes of people enduring mental health difficulties. 

We don’t know why the therapeutic world has also seen fit to decide that a pile of stones on a remote beach or even on a desk comes anywhere close to a visual depiction of their work?

For us, it’s more important that our branding reflects our values and purpose. You see, we’re very passionate about the way we work – we have to be, because it’s serious. Our methodologies for supporting people are also of such a nature that we don’t have to rely on some etheric haze with which to seduce our clients, we’d much rather be judged on our feedback.

Our corporate friends are well aware of our uncompromising and values-lead approach to helping people, and our new, stark black & white branding is intended to reflect brutal simplicity. or as we prefer to call it at eudemonics ‘Occam’s razor’ – a guiding principle which is embedded into everything that we do.

In a therapeutic world cluttered with interpretation and judgment, we want our clients to know from the outset that we’re different.

Our choice of the Black dog as our new logo is also huighly important to us. Firstly, because it was Sir Winston Spencer Churchill who first coined the phrase that would allow many of us to characterise and verbalise the difficulties we face with mental health issues such as stress, trauma anxiety and depression. The second reason that we chose the Black Dog is that we know man’s best friend is probably the most non-judgmental friend anyone can ever have. It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been, and it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do – a dog will never, ever, pass judgment upon you.

In our work with clients, we never, ever judge them. In this respect, we are just like the labrador.

With more exciting news to come in the future, eudemonics looks set to lead the Uk in supporting people through stress and trauma in an entirely non-clinical approach.



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