‘It is a relief/weight lifted, being able to speak with someone impartial. No judgements. 
It is reassuring to hear that I am not experiencing issues stuck in my head but it is happening not my anxiety and it’s been so refreshing.’

‘My first session has helped me work through current issues and some historical ones from my childhood. Sharing my experiences in life has helped pinpoint the past traumas that are holding me back from a bright and brilliant future. By unloading these issues and finding I’m not the problem in my past trauma it has taken the weight of the world off my shoulders.’

‘I thoroughly appreciate the help I have received during my session.’

‘Service was outstanding, couldn’t be happier. Thank you very much.’

‘If I’m honest I didn’t think anything would work for me, how wrong I was. It’s hard going, emotional, but well worth the end result. Would highly recommend.’

‘I couldn’t be happier, I generally thought I was a lost cause. But I feel so much lighter.’

‘It was an interesting and helpful session for me to “unload”. Since then I have been able to dismiss thoughts that have previously troubled me greatly.’

‘I have found the session I have had with Sean very helpful and effective. I had got to the point where I was giving up on myself, now I feel hopeful to move forward and relieved that I am now being listened to properly and helped in the correct way.’

‘I did a 4 hour session with Sean and we did 3 processes. I think I cried more in that time than I have in years! I experienced 2 endpoints giving me 2 clear realisations. Something has shifted in me as I feel much calmer and more grounded than I have in a long time.’

‘It was very different to other therapy. There was nothing to cloud my judgement, it was just me and my mind. The questions I was asked, about describing the entities appearance and feel. Made it feel more of an object I could get off me, rather than something that consumed my whole being. Speaking to the feeling, finding out what it wanted, was a different experience for me. But it made me feel less scared of what’s been going on, I saw it more as a friend trying to help, just the wrong way. I feel a lot more control now. It means so much to me, as everyday was so hard.’

‘Was very apprehensive beforehand but having experienced the session I am very pleased with the outcome.’

‘so far no tears, no shaking, and no tears – my husband is impressed!.’

‘Just letting you know I’m currently in the Alps (normally avoided), So far so good, thank you.’

‘I can’t thank you enough.’

‘I can only say that I have been so much happier, content, and relaxed in myself once I got over the sheer tiredness I felt.’

‘This thank you is well over due for the work you did with me on the Sunday morning. It was hard work but worth it.’

‘It felt like a weight had been removed from my shoulders – I had a couple of sessions with Sean as well as a few chats over the phone, thanks to his time and effort and for making me see things a lot clearer, I’ve been able to better myself and get over my emotional scars. I really do commend Sean for giving me the tools to work with –  thank you very much Sean, I can’t thank you enough.’

‘Sharing my experiences in life has helped pinpoint the past traumas that are holding me back from a bright and brilliant future.’

‘By unloading these issues and finding I’m not the problem, it’s taken the weight of the world off my shoulders.’

‘This will let me live my life rather than just existing, which is an amazing feeling to have.’

‘I feel a lot more in control now. It means so much to me, as every day was so hard.’

‘It was very different to other therapy. There was nothing to cloud my mind. It made me feel less scared of what’s been going on.’

‘I was very apprehensive but having experienced the session I am very pleased with the outcome!’

‘I cant recommend the treatment or thank Sean enough for his help.’

‘I have tried for around 8 years to try and find a solution for my anxiety, from medication, counselling sessions, alternate therapies and none have had the desired effect. I truly believe that my session with Sean has found the root cause of my anxiety and allowed me to process a childhood trauma.’

‘It has kick-started a recovery program that I have been desperate for. At last I am starting to understand what’s going on in my world.’

‘The questions asked seemed to prompt a feeling of ‘conversation’ with people from my past that helped give me a feeling of closure on some issues.’

‘I felt valued and understood, at no point did I feel I was being judged.’

‘It was good go back into my past. I found the questions ok and could see why they were being asked. It’s opened me up to face these things and treat myself with compassion.’

‘Sean has given me a perspective like non other. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for him and the service that he provided.’

‘The 2 days were engaging and interesting.  The sessions allowed time for learning, understanding, and the application of the Schema and also conversation about the use of the CRISIS schema in practice.’

‘I struggled to open up but Sean was very patient and showed empathy and compassion, making me feel very relaxed and comfortable.’

‘May God bless this organisation.’

‘The style of help that I received was unique and very effective.’

‘Peeling back the layers of my experiences was hard, but the support I received from Sean was outstanding. 4 years of pain, hurt and shame now manageable and it would not have been possible by any other service.’

‘All in all i’m doing much better than before having the session with you.’

‘Amazing to see the shift inside me!’


It was a really good session, definitely worked wonders! Sean was absolutely ace, It’s meant a life of not living in anger.

The work Sean has done with me today has been incredible, I am shocked at how effective it has been. I feel so much lighter and energised.

‘Everything has been a lot better since our session and I think it’s really helped me.’

‘I found the session helpful in releasing some of the ‘held’ trauma from a childhood experience that was affecting me with nightmares and sometimes impacted my life by stopping me travelling to certain places. By reliving the inncident over and over again, I think the fear was reduced. It happened, I survived and the circumstances around it are unlikely to make it happen again. I think that logic was extremely impactful in helping me be able to self regulate as there are no ‘similar’ situations.’

‘I feel released from the guilt that I felt, as my memory of the incident put some blame onto myself, but repeating the scenario in my mind showed that my actions were reactive and may or may not have occurred in any case.’

‘I felt very safe throughout the session and very supported in an unintrusive and very non judgemental way. I was slightly aprehensive about the session being via zoom, but it was fine and probably less difficult than it might have been face to face.’

‘The session was really good and has helped me a huge amount! It has meant a lot as now after this I can hopefully talk to people a bit more.’

‘I can’t thank Sean enough. The peace I have found to help me through a deeply troubling time I can’t explain. I now feel I can say no and not feel guilty. I feel focused to preserve me and my well-being. My experience has had a deeply profound & pleasant effect not just on me but my family too. Highly recommend it.’

‘Absolutely amazing. I’ve never experienced any other kind of therapy before but I can’t imagine any better way of addressing issues. Very enlightening and has meant I’ve been able to feel anxiety free for the first time in a long time.’

‘Only had one session so far, but feeling really good.’

‘The work you do is amazing, the patience and understanding was 100 percent’

‘All I can say is, I’ve never gone over it like that, or got it so logical and clear in my mind about what I was doing, feeling and thinking.’

‘The course content and learning process was excellent and delivered professionally.
A wealth of knowledge and practical experience framed in a way we could all relate to.’

‘Working with Sean is always a pleasure. Regardless of what I bring to the session he holds a safe, supportive and more importantly non-judgemental space for me to safely explore my challenge(s).’

‘The first session has made a huge difference already. Well structured and hugely beneficial.’

‘Thanks for an absolutely fantastic delivery of the CrISIS Schema Facilitator’s course this weekend.
Fantastic course…well done!’

‘Equipped with this better understanding of how my mind works and responds, I have been able to think much more logically and rationally.’

‘I’ve never been made more comfortable than how I was made to feel at my session. It meant I was able to get a lot of my deeper emotions out.’

‘For me personally, I feel free and more assertive. I can think more clearly and trust myself.’

‘Emotional, tiring and teary at times, but there was a figurative lifting off the shoulders and i have been able to talk openly about the experience with Sean the facilitator with my husband as a healing process.’

‘Very tired, but feel the best I have in weeks, Thank you so much for your time today.’

‘It’s is like a heavy weight has been taken off me . I have dealt with issues that I was carrying around . The black box and key that was holding these issues and negative emotions in my head have now gone . This has allowed me to feel more able to deal with real life again.’

‘Sean was very friendly and welcoming and explained everything perfectly. It was a safe, open space to get everything off my chest and evaluate my thinking.’

‘It was very emotionally draining. But well worth it.’

‘Sean put me in control of the sessions we had and enabled me to very quickly build up a level of trust that was necessary for me to be open and honest about my feelings.’

‘I feel happier (or maybe more secure) about my inner nature. To vocalise my thoughts and re-evaluate them was very useful. I feel I can move on in my life in a way that is more productive for me and the people I have dealings with.’

‘Really good interaction with Sean made me feel loads better!’

‘Sean was not only quick at setting up a session with me, but also helpful and informative. I recommend wholeheartedly’

‘Very respectful and supportive.’

‘I enjoyed the practice parts of the sessions and found them very useful in exploring and developing new skills. I also found the presentations informative.’

‘It was very useful and I will definitely be using this in and out of work. I think having enough time to practice and work as pairs was very useful, the pace of the session was good.’

‘I can crack on with a positive mindset again. Thank you for the re-set!’

‘Sean’s delivery of the sessions, his humility and humanness in the sessions allowed others to be themselves. This allowed open and honest discussion of personal issues.’

‘I am pleased to say that I am very grateful to everyone who has has assisted me to get this far. It has given me more insight as to some of my other issues.’

‘I’m good!, thought about stuff a lot but in a positive way.’

‘I have noticed a very clear change since we did our work. I can sit near men and talk to them a little bit.’

‘I’m doing really well thankyou, I’ve actually enjoyed peoples company this weekend.’

‘I’ve been a lot better, thank you so much. You really helped me it worked wonders!’

‘I’m feeling good, things seem ok, i’m much less angry.’

‘You were right about feeling wiped out! I’m ok though and i’m very grateful for your time and effort with me.’

‘Been doing a lot of thinking about some things, and can think about them differently without upsetting me – thanks!’

‘Anxiety just about gone. On several occasions I haven’t been worried about driving at all – just got in the car and set off without thinking about the what if’s so that’s a vast improvement, thankyou.’

‘It felt like a weight had been removed from my shoulders – I had a couple of sessions with Sean as well as a few chats over the phone, thanks to his time and effort and for making me see things a lot clearer, I’ve been able to better myself and get over my emotional scars. I really do commend Sean for giving me the tools to work with – thank you much Sean, and thank you for continuing to get me the help and support I need some I can’t thank you enough.’

‘May I just thank you for what I have experienced to be the best IAPC&M webinar I’ve attended!I’m super grateful it ended up being broadcast live on FB so that I could receive huge affirmation in my own approach and thinking when working with clients. You’re a super engaging speaker, funny too, and you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I could have listened to for 6 more hours.’

‘Not only do I feel a lot better now, but I also have a greater awareness of myself’

‘I met Sean through a Social Media group, he reached out to me because I had posted about my MH problems stemming from PTSD diagnosed and attributed to events whilst on Operations in the Forces. I explained that I was on strong medication and had unsuccessful help whilst in the Forces and had been cut adrift since being Med Discharged. We arranged a meet up for a day of 1-2-1 help which has had a positive effect so far after 2 weeks I feel better than I have I quite some time. I would massively recommend Sean and the team at Eudemonics to anyone who is suffering from MH issues, don’t suffer in silence. It’s ok to not be ok.’

‘I was at a time in my life where I felt incredibly vulnerable but the process taught me that this was perfectly natural; that there was nothing wrong with it; and that things would get better. And that’s exactly what has happened!’

‘I really feel as though I have improved my ability to help colleagues etc. who have suffered a trauma and have a new set of skills to use to help.’

‘I was incredibly grateful for the time that was taken to listen and fully understand my situation.’

‘There is no doubt that I needed expert intervention and support and that this is exactly what I received.’

‘Equipped with this better understanding of how my mind works and responds, I have been able to think much more logically and rationally.’

‘The process and techniques employed enabled me to feel completely comfortable despite the difficult nature of the issues being discussed.’

‘Sean guided me through all of this and I will always be very grateful for that.’

‘The workshop was so beneficial for both my personal and professional growth. It helped me process my issues and know what to expect and how to handle people in crisis.’

‘It really helped me and I would highly recommend it to others.’

‘Cannot express how positive I feel after my therapy with Sean. I feel a weight has been lifted after so many years of struggling. I feel ready now to focus on the future and close the doors on some issues in my past. Highly recommended. Thank you Sean.’

‘Found taking two days out of my diary to ground, reconnect and take time for myself very useful and nice!’

‘Very good workshop – I feel the skills I have learnt on this will provide me with some good tools to help and support people in all sorts of situations.The trainer was very knowledgeable and delivered this really well – It was an interactive workshop with powerpoint, videos, trainer speaking throughout and group/partner activities. It was very engaging.’

‘Very well planned and structured. Good training materials. Very knowledgeable trainer.’

‘It has taught me some tools to take forward and use in the future. Sean was an excellent trainer and had some very good anecdotal examples to bring to the training.’

‘Everything was just well done and well organized – enough materials and enough activities. Kudos!’

‘I can’t but say zillions of thank you’s for every single piece of information you provided! On a personal level you helped me a lot.’