Resilience Coaching

A powerful way of realising deep insights and new truths

Resilience Coaching is a powerful psychosocial approach to supporting people in times of adversity.

A non-clinical methodology, Resilience Coaching represents a great support option, which can provide deep insights and recover impactful truths. Many clients come to Eudemonics having found normative therapy unhelpful or maybe just not right for them. Using our highly effective and innovative Coaching techniques, we’ve helped hundreds of people find true peace of mind.

Coaching facilitates a powerful, socratic learning process, which not only provides clarity of thought, but also empowers the client to understand their own mental environment in such a way as to initiate powerful and lasting growth.

We’ve helped hundreds of people to realise growth and recovery from a broad range of issues, and always maintain a truly person-centred approach to supporting people.

Stress Coaching

Impactful change is achievable through our unique Stress Coaching interventions.

Trauma Coaching

Achieve genuine & lasting recovery following trauamatic experiences.

Anxiety Coaching

Defeat the fears inside and reclaim your life with our highly effective anxiety resolution programme

Grief Coaching

Life after loss can be very painful, and yet you still deserve to continue to live a happy, fulfilled life. Let us help you see a way forward after losing your loved one.

Relationship Coaching

If you’re having difficulties with love and relationships, maybe it’s time to get some clarity?¬†

Addiction Coaching

We’ve been succesfully supporting people enduring addiction for some time, and we can help with a range of issues including;

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol¬†
  • Sex
  • Gambling

Working with our sector expert partners, we help people to free thgemselves from addiction using a trauma-informed approach.

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