Resilience Coaching

Specialist Solutions for Stress, Anxiety & Trauma.

Resilience Coaching is system of psychosocial support, which enables individuals to explore and process areas of psychological/emotional concern or distress.

It’s a purely person centred, one-to-one based approach, during which a Coach guides an individual to explore and inspect their own mental environment – sessions take place in a safe environment, free from interruption, and in comfort.

The aim of the process, is to achieve a resolution and/or a greater sense of well-being for the client, as their distressing event or situation becomes a source of experiential learning and development, rather than one which causes emotional pain and stress.

We commonly refer to this stage of the process, as an ‘End Point’ – the point at which emotional pain associated with an event or situation falls away, and the residual memory simply becomes more factual than ‘traumatic’ or ‘stressful’.

Many people come to us after after finding normative counselling and psychotherapy unhelpful, or just not right for them. 
Whatever your reason for seeking support, we’re committed to ensuring you feel safe, valued, and have a confidential space to inspect your own mental environment.
We’re able to support people across a broad range of issues


Sudden bereavement

Divorce/relationship closure

Serious breach of trust



Personal injury

Road traffic collision


Childhood sexual exploitation

Work related stress


Natural disaster

Hostage situations

Near miss/close calls

Domestic violence


Violent Crime

Terror Attack

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