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Veteran Support

Armed Forces personnel share a unique bond forged in adversity, and often, therapists just can’t relate or understand the person needing help. At eudemonics, we speak the same language, because we’ve been there.


Often, it’s not what you think it is…

When we apply a more critical logic to the concept of the ‘traumatic event’, it provides us with a more coherent perspective, in that what we see (as Hume would say) is actually ‘constant conjunction’, and as we know, correlation does not imply causation.


Personal Services

We use highly effective and cutting edge interventions to assist PTSD recovery. Let us help you deal with Stress, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression.



Thank you for choosing Eudemonics to support you.

To help your Facilitator begin to understand you more, please complete the induction questions using the form below.

Once you have submitted your responses, you will be automatically directed to a further online well-being assessment which will Gove you the opportunity to complete self-report assessments with regard to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, General Psychological Well-being and levels of perceived Social Support. This part of induction is entirely voluntary, and your choice whether or not to undertake the evaluations will not affect your ability to receive support from Eudemonics.